Cremation Authorization Form



The undersigned requests and authorizes and their Shawnee Mission Crematory, in accordance with and subject to current rules and regulations of the crematory and the State of Kansas, to cremate the remains of the deceased and certifies and represents that he or she has the right, in accordance with Kansas law, to make such authorization and agrees to hold the funeral home and crematory harmless from liability on account of said authorization.


All cremations are performed individually. Cremation is performed by placing the deceased in a suitable rigid container and then placing the casket or container into the cremation chamber where they are subject to intense heat and flame. Through the use of a suitable fuel, incineration of the container and contents is accomplished and all substances are consumed or driven off, except bone fragments (calcium compounds) and metal (including dental gold and silver or other nonhuman material) as the temperature is not sufficient to consume them. Neither nor any of its employees or agents will remove any dental work prior to the cremation.

Due to the nature of the cremation process, any personal possessions or valuable materials such as jewelry, that are left with the decedent and not removed from the container prior to cremation will be destroyed or will not be recoverable. Any personal possessions accordingly have either been removed or may be destroyed.

After a cooling period, the cremated body is removed from the cremation chamber. All non-combustible materials (insofar as possible) such as bridgework and materials from the casket or container such as hinges, latches, nails, etc. will be separated and removed from the human bone fragments by visible or magnetic selection and will be disposed of by the Shawnee Mission Crematory with similar materials from other cremations in a non-recoverable manner.

The Shawnee Mission Crematory will make a reasonable effort to remove all the cremated body from the cremation chamber and the processor. While every effort will be made to avoid commingling, inadvertent or incidental commingling of minute particles from the residue of previous cremations is a possibility

The skeletal remains which often contain recognizable bone fragments will be mechanically processed (pulverized). These granulated particles of unidentifiable dimensions will be virtually unrecognized as human remains. The undersigned authorizes and their Shawnee Mission Crematory to mechanically pulverize the bone fragments.


If the deceased weighs in excess of 250 pounds, an additional crematory fee will be accessed based on the weight of the deceased. These fees are listed on our General Price List.


Pacemakers and defibrillators can be dangerous when placed in a cremation chamber. Pacemakers, prostheses, and radioactive implants must be removed prior to introducing the body into the cremation chamber. and the Shawnee Mission Crematory is hereby authorized to surgically remove these items before introducing the deceased into the cremation chamber.

The undersigned consents to allow the Shawnee Mission Crematory to submit prosthetics or any recyclable materials to be recycled in accordance with state and federal laws.


The Shawnee Mission Crematory requires either a NON-METAL casket or an alternative container for cremation. All cremation containers selected must meet the following criteria:

  1. must be composed of materials suitable for cremation (combustible);
  2. must be able to be closed to provide a complete covering for the human remains;
  3. must be resistant to leakage or spillage and
  4. must be sufficient for handling with ease and provide protection for the health and safety of crematory personnel.


Cremation is an irreversible process. In order to insure the identity of the deceased, and their Shawnee Mission Crematory require that all deceased individuals be identified by photograph (recent photograph of deceased emailed to or by personal identification by the next of kin or their representative.


Unless otherwise specified, the cremated body will be placed in a temporary container. Most urns provided by the crematory are sufficient in size for the entire cremated body. In the event the capacity of a chosen urn is less than the amount of the cremated body, the Shawnee Mission Crematory is hereby authorized to return said excess in a temporary container in the same manner as requested below. It is requested that the following disposition be made of the cremated body as dictated in Step 2 of the online arrangement process.

The undersigned assume(s) all liability for any damage that may arise from such mail shipment and agrees to indemnify and hold and its Shawnee Mission Crematory harmless from all claims and liability that may arise from such shipment.

Neither nor the Shawnee Mission Crematory accepts responsibility for the cremated body after delivery to any agent, person or postal facility. If final instruction for disposition of the cremated body is not received within 90 days from the completion of the cremation, the crematory may dispose of the cremated body (KSA 65-1732, 1733)


In accordance with (KSA 65-1734) the order of priority of person authorized to dispose of decedents remains is as follows;

  1. The agent for health care decisions established by a durable power of attorney for health care decisions pursuant to K.S.A. 58-625, et seq., and amendments thereto, if such power of attorney conveys to the agent the authority to make decisions concerning disposition of the decedent’s remains; (copy of durable power of attorney is required)
  2. the spouse of the decedent;
  3. the decedent’s surviving adult children. If there is more than one adult child, any adult child who confirms in writing the notification of all other adult children, may direct the manner of disposition unless the funeral establishment or crematory authority receives written objection to the manner of disposition from another adult child;
  4. the decedent’s surviving parents;
  5. the persons in the next degree of kinship under the laws of descent and distribution to inherit the estate of the decedent. If there is more than one person of same degree, any person of that degree may direct the manner of disposition;
  6. a guardian of the person of the decedent at the time of such person’s death;
  7. the personal representative of the decedent; or
  8. in the case of indigents or any other individuals whose final disposition is the responsibility of the state or county, the public official charged with arranging the final disposition pursuant to K.S.A. 2000 Supp. 22a-215 and amendments.

I certify that I am the closest living next of kin of the decedent or that I otherwise serve in the capacity of EXECUTOR to the decedent, that I have charge of the remains of the decedent and as such possess full legal authority and power, according to the laws of the state of Kansas, to execute this authorization and to arrange for the cremation and disposition of the cremated body of the decedent. I am unaware of any objection to this cremation by any spouse, child, parent, sibling specified.


By executing this document, the undersigned warrant that all representations and statements contained on this form are true and correct and that these statements were made freely and voluntarily to induce and the Shawnee Mission Crematory to cremate the human remains of the decedent and that the undersigned have read and understand the provisions contained in this form.

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